Friday, May 27, 2005

The Sound of Silence

Writing is a stuggle against silence. ~ Carlos Fuentes

To me, the objective of this journal is that of a lifeline... a tool to rescue my drowning inner self from the depths of suppression. I may never acquire a large following of readers, but it is my hope that perhaps my story will be helpful to someone, somewhere, someday... and my wish that others on this journey can identify with (or tolerate my) raw, open candor.

My awareness of the blogging community began a short time ago, after a general search of the simple word miscarriage. Nestled in among a gazillion pages was a link to what would become the catalyst for my healing... chezmiscarriage . Grrl's now-absent archived post "Mizuko" brought tears to, yet, opened my eyes, and earned a prominent bookmark in my favorites folder. As time marched on, I widened my quest for collective identity, adding to my library Julie and Soper . Since then, I have added well over 37 other EXCELLENT journals, which I will be publishing on my list before long. Of course, since I am certain the vast majority of you probably found me through one of their lists, the redundancy of my list will be... well... superfluous. But, I gotta do it.

Until recently, I read quietly ~ lurking, stalking, following links, digesting the profoundly intimate and abstruse content of these brilliant minds. I have begun to add a comment here and there, nervously pondering how appropriate my intrusion might be regarded. Thusfar, I feel accepted by default association, which really gives me the warm fuzzies ~ despite the utter lack of sticky baby dust being dispensed. {smirk} Yes, I have graduated from the TTC message boards, thank you very much. I do not wish this heartache on anyone, but I do feel that a public service announcement should be in order for the clueless sheep out there.

So, all this preface serves is simply to introduce the fearless reader to my tome. I do not propose to have any plan or structure for this endeavor, nor to possess any skill or talent in doing so. My posts might be infrequent, or, under the enchantment of one of my OCD moments, I may expound prolifically on any number of subjects. I will curse fluently. I will bitch and moan about the little shit that ruins my day. Sometimes, my attempt at humor takes on an obscure form, so read between the lines. I will share my opinions, or elicit yours. Proceed at your own risk. And, welcome to my world.