Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Small Talk

DD has an interesting post up over at T.K.O.
It brought to mind some weirdness from work the other day.
A 40'ish lady from another department wanders near me, doing her thing.
"Hey, how ya doin'?"
Good, how about you?
Not bad, thanks. Quiet night.
Yeah, here too.
::more work::
That's a nice top.
Thank you! I wasn't sure about the pants, but I guess they match.
Yeah. Looks good.
My boyfriend picked it out.
I had a pretty interesting weekend.
[ ? ? ]
Yeah. Slept with him for the first time.
[ wha?] ::incredulous look of WTF::
::uncomfortable silence::
You, uh... you...
I mean I slept over for the first time.
How long have you been together?
About six months.
That's great.
Yeah. He's great.
So, you, uh... you slept at his house?
[trying to look terribly busy. c'mon phone...ring]
Yeah, it was a little strange. He's like all over the bed and stealing the covers and stuff. I was more worried about morning breath. ::giggle::
[oh dear god help me]
[seriously trying to find a distraction.]
Yeah, he's really something. He really proved himself to me when he showed up to videotape me singing at blah blah blah....
And so she went on for another 20 minutes, detailing the past several months of their courtship. I don't even know her name!

Okay with it

One of the ladies I work with has miscarried. Fourteen weeks into her pregnancy, (at her first appointment), they discovered that the embryo stopped growing at 6w. Her body just didn't realize it. Neither did she, as her lack of symptoms just seemed okay. She said she didn't know any better, but she's okay with it. She was able to avoid a d&c with the administration of cytotec. She said that since it had been 10 years since her last pregnancy, she had forgotten what to expect, and hoped that maybe her body was just cleaning out and preparing for the next one to stick, as she intends to try again. She said other than the intense bleeding, she really wasn't too bothered by it.
"It's not like we were trying or anything; it really wasn't planned."
Now, I know that miscarriages happen all the time, to anybody.
And I know that not everyone has to try hard to get pregnant.
I also understand that one hasn't had sufficient time to "bond" with the baby that early in the pregnancy.
{For instance, my loss at 13 weeks hurt most because it was right on the heels of losing Nicholas. Yes, I ache for what could have been, but I wasn't as emotionally invested in the pregnancy yet. I think the news that I'd lost a little girl that time hurt more than the fact I had lost another child.}
Certainly, I don't expect everyone to react with complete hysterics at the news of a loss.
I don't even feel that everyone needs to cry.
But her nonchalance has me puzzled. And I don't know why.
Perhaps it's because she doesn't struggle with infertility. She chose not to have another child between her firstborn and this loss. She has a new-ish husband, who is much older, and again I must point out (yes, this is a different woman than the co-worker I spoke of before), the husband was "shocked and worried" because he didn't really want/need more kids. She's all like "Oh well, no big deal", and I honestly believe that is her stance. I can't read anyone's mind, but if you knew this gal, you'd understand that she is truly unfazed.
I swear I don't have some sick need for her to be a blubbering mess. I don't. And I know that my own frustrations don't amount to a hill of beans to someone who hasn't been there.
There's nothing you can do about it.
Move on.
Get over it.
Shit happens.
So, why does this even warrant any thought on my part?
You've all had losses - do you find the unemotional "Eh, oh well!" behavior a little weird?
I won't even ask if maybe I'm just nuts. 'Cuz we all know the answer to that one.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My cat is smart

My basement is more like a garage, minus the car. And, you know, it's under my house.
In one section we have the lawnmower, an emergency kerosene heater, some other miscellaneous assorted power tools, and a workbench. The other side is mine. It is where the litter box is kept, the laundry is as least washed, for pete's sake (would you get off my back!), and a handy little bathroom is hidden away in a far corner for those quick visits. I used to have a craft corner down there until I lost all motivation. I don't LOVE my basement, but its an integral part of the household operation. It is where a lot of our crap is stored. As a matter of fact, if you're missing some of your crap, it's probably in my basement.
The Boy was working on his dirt bike. Oil was spilled. Words were exchanged.
We threw down fresh cat litter to absorb some of the oil. Chelsea (my kitty) figured a huge pile of cat litter spread out in the open like that must surely be a gift for her highness.
Anyone ever try to sh0p.vac up oil-soaked cat litter clumped with cat piss and chunks of cat shit? Go ahead, get a mental picture.
So glad this occurred on their side of the room. I need to build a wall.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Feed(ing) the need

Somewhere along the line blogger has added new tools and stuff that I was unaware of, until now. Call me low-tech or whatever.
So did I fix the feed whatjamagigger?